How to pray as you go


We began the season of Lent this week. Weather-related concerns kept us from gathering in the sanctuary for our Ash Wednesday worship. But I’m grateful we had a decent online group.

I prayed it would be a blessing for us.

People often ask me about learning to pray during Lent. Oh, I love when they ask how to learn to pray more! I have a great digital resource for you to consider.

Pray as You Go is an online prayer devotional. It includes music, scripture readings and reflection questions.

It is a thoughtful resource you can use every day. It’s available as a website or as an app. You can read each day’s reflection or listen to an audio recording. You can even download both versions.

Several months ago I began planning a similar resource. When I found Pray as You Go I put that on hold. It is that helpful. There’s was no reason for me to reinvent the wheel.

Whether you use the Pray as You Go or not, I hope your praying draws you closer to the will of God. Happy Lent!

Stay blessed…john