This is the one!

This week we have 1 bit of information, 1 reminder and 1 great resource. Overall, this is 1 great post!


I’ll put this first because it has the potential to have the most impact on our youth group and church. You’ve probably heard me say many times that the youth are not the church of tomorrow. They are here today. That makes them the church today!

As such, they have a role to play in the church’s ministry.

This resource should give you some ideas to talk about with your youth. Ideas they can use to connect with the church. Find one idea from this: Support Your Local Church


Our youth is meeting via Zoom this Sunday at 4:12pm. Let us know if you need the link.


Our district, the Coastal Bend District, is hosting a 1-day Youth Rally. The rally is happening at Camp Zephyr on Saturday, April 24th from 9am-7pm. It’s free to attend, but April 9th is the deadline to register. Check the district website for more information.