Relief to those at the border

We are all concerned about the situation at our southern border. It’s a longstanding issue that many people of faith have addressed and kept at the forefront of ministry.

There are real people in real need. Our faith in and love of God compels us to offer compassion and mercy.

Many people want to help, for example, those in need at the border. But we don’t always know how we can.
Here is a list of ways you can involve yourself in the work the church of God is doing on the border.

  • Angry Tias & Abuelas: The Angry Tias and Abuelas’ mission is to provide basic necessities for health and safety and support for human dignity and justice to individuals and families seeking asylum at our borders and as they embark on their journeys to designated destinations in the US.
  • Mercy Chefs: Mercy Chefs does not engage in politics. We make no attempts to influence border policies or immigration laws. That is not our mission. We feed people. We love all, and we serve all. We shine the light of hope into the shadow of fear. Mercy Chefs is deploying to McAllen, Texas to bring love, light, hope, and hot meals to people in need.
  • JFON San Antonio: Helping immigrants navigate the complicated and ever-changing U.S. immigration system to live legally, out of the shadows, in the United States.

As we discover other ministry avenues, we’ll share them with you. If you are aware of a way to help, let us know so we can add other resources.