Holy Week 2021

Since we returned to in-person worship last year, our weekly attendance has ranged from 22-42 people in the sanctuary. Many more, of course, have gathered online.

Recently, we’ve had just over sixty people in the sanctuary!

That number will creep up week by week, we’re sure. It’s good that more people are now vaccinated and feel more comfortable being out. Still, let’s be careful. We are not completely out of the woods yet.

We still have every other pew blocked and require masks inside. There’s hand sanitizer at the entrance for everyone to use. Plus, every person with the last name Fletcher disinfects the sanctuary after every worship gathering.

With Easter coming up soon, it’s important to remind ourselves to proceed with caution.

Before Easter, there’s Holy Week!

We are planning in-person Holy Week services Thursday, April 1st and Friday, April 2nd. Both services are scheduled for 7pm and will be live-streamed.

Also, let’s have a sunrise service at 7am! We’ll be inside, but it’ll be a glorious time to celebrate.

Of course, our usual worship gathering is at 10:45.

Thank you all for understanding and cooperating with our pandemic responses. When this all first began, Pastor John told our leaders he would error on the side of caution. “If it turns out I over-emphasized our safeguards,” he said, “I’ll be okay with that.”

See you soon.