Thank God for them

Apostle Paul established the Philippian church during one of his missionary journeys. Overall, it was a model church. They were generous and faithful.

And Paul loved them.

It was easy, then, for him to say, “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.”

The lesson there is to thank God for the people God puts in your life.

Next weekend, on November 6, we are turning our attention to the faithful saints who have begun their new life with God in heaven. Their lives are still a blessing to us. As such, we thank God for them.

All Saints Sunday is a moment to bless God for the lives of our family and friends who have passed away. This powerful day reminds us of the final victory we have in Christ Jesus.

If you have a name to honor, make sure to write it on our All Saints communion cloth this weekend. We use this as a visual reminder of the eternal communion of saints. Our communion is not severed by death!

May our remembrance on All Saints Day bring glory to God and strengthen our faith.