Think of the blessing

Happy Lent!

Here’s how it started. 

I wanted to give our worship leaders a break. They put in a lot of effort to help us praise God. So, how could we offer them some downtime so they could focus on worshiping? 

Then it hit me. Holy Week is coming!

You know what that means, right? Maundy Thursday worship service, Good Friday worship service and a sunrise worship service. Hosting three more services doesn’t help relieve our worship leaders.

Then a colleague and I were talking about Holy Week. He told me what his church had planned. That’s when the real idea came. 

Why not join them? 

After all, we are connectional. This weekend, I went to buy a fish plate at St. John’s UMC to support their ministry. Several months ago, a group from Kelsey helped celebrate St. Paul UMC’s anniversary. And that was on a Sunday morning!

Sharing Holy Week with another UMC sounds like a meaningful way to reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus for us all. So, I’m hoping you’ll join us at St. Luke’s UMC (3151 Reid Dr) for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday worship. Both services are at 7pm. 

Think of how blessed we’d feel if another church worshiped with us. Let’s share that blessing this Holy Week.

Stay blessed…john

P.S. St. Luke’s is the church behind HEB, close to Alameda and Texan Trail.