Seekers return!

Many of you know Robert. He is one of our Sunday School teachers at Kelsey. 

When the pandemic first hit, all our congregational activities went online. That didn’t stop Robert. He kept preparing for his class. Every week he mailed (snail mail, with stamps and envelopes!) a copy to those in the Seekers Class. Eventually, he and Pastor John began live streaming every Sunday morning. Robert would lead his class and the pastor would chime in about each week’s topic.

Remember the story of Martha and Mary? Martha’s many tasks distracted her. Her sister Mary was content to sit at the master’s feet. Let’s appreciate how Robert helped us learn to do that more. 

As of this writing, an article online has just been published that says our nation is officially “out of the pandemic phase.” Good Christians, rejoice!

This past weekend, Robert agreed to begin hosting the Seekers Sunday School class in person again. Beginning, Sunday, May 15 at 10am, he’ll do just that. If you’re a part of the class or want to join in, make your plans to be there. 

And if you’ve received his handouts or watched his livestream, make sure to thank him. We always need people willing to teach us to lean on the grace of God.

Stay blessed…john