Could this be the answer?

Last week, Pastor John and Tom Tarver (he’s a part of Kelsey now) had a chance to visit with Michael Beck. Michael is a United Methodist pastor in Florida. He also works a lot with the Fresh Expressions movement. Some of us have talked about that in the past. It’s good that more and more people are talking about it now. It could be a helpful answer to some of the church’s struggle.

Watch that interview by following the link below:

Michael will be in San Antonio for a training on Wednesday, October 19. It’s an all-day event that will offer a renewed look at ministry. We already have one person from Kelsey interested in attending. Would you like to be a part of it as well?

If you do, but can’t make the trip, there’s also a Zoom option. Just let us know how interested you are in reaching new people for Christ.