We did it!

We did it!

Just over a month ago, we paid our 2022 apportionments in full. That comes out to over $20,000–no small amount! Learn how that money supports world-wide ministry here.

Thank you for trusting us. I do not take you for granted. 

Our church council maintains accurate records of giving and expenditures. If you have questions about our financial procedures, you can always ask a council member. 

Now, paying our apportionments early helps us focus a little more on our local ministry. 

So, would you consider a special Christmas Eve offering? For many people this has been a meaningful way to share blessings with the church as we close out the year.

We are regrouping. We’ve taken our time to rebound from the pandemic. What new ministry will we try in 2023? I’m not sure, but I’ve told our leaders this new year is for learning. We’re learning how to reorganize. How to adapt to our community’s needs and offer new life-giving ministry. 

Your gift will help build courage in what we can do. Take time to pray about the kind of gift you want to offer. We will continue to thank God for your trust in us and for the ways the Lord leads our church.

Stay blessed…john