New Pews for You to Use


(KMUMC)-After 379 committee meetings a major decision was reached that will have lasting impact on our church-growth efforts–the last 124 meetings were just to make sure we were sure.

Remember when Jesus slept while the disciples frantically tried to save themselves during the storm?  Well, we thought if Jesus enjoyed a good nap, you should be able to as well!  It’s our goal to ensure church members and friends have a pleasant experience with us on Sunday mornings.  Now, one lucky row of people can snooze in style while the rest of the congregation endures the stormy preaching.

Later this year we’re introducing a new line of La-Z-Boy reclining pews for our sanctuary!


An anonymous committee member said, “It will be good to be able to comfortably count sheep while you’re praising the Good Shepherd.  Most people who nap during church have to worry about the embarrassing head nod.  Not any more.”

“It came down to this,” another member commented, “God is good and naps are good. Why not bring them both together?”

Excitement is already building among our congregation.  One tired Sunday school teacher praised the decision saying, “You dream about these kinds of things happening.  On Sunday mornings I’m at the church even more than the pastor.  This will help that last hour fly by.”


Of course, most people want to know how we’ll decide who gets the La-Z-Boy blessing.  We’ll need your help.  Each week, in addition to having volunteer ushers and greeters, volunteers will be asked to cast lots to determine seating arrangements.  Call the office if you would like to assist (or if you have lots we can cast with).

Be advised that if you are selected to use the new pews, your weekly seating is not secured.  Restroom breaks, answering phone calls and paying attention to sermons are grounds for removal.

While we’re excited about this development, we still need your prayers.  The choir has threatened to go on strike if some of the new pews are not installed in the choir loft.

++Story Update++

The committee forgot to choose the color and fabric of the reclining pews.  They expect to plan 81 meetings to finalize their decision.  



P.S. Happy April 1st