Tag: Announcements

  • A BIG reminder

    Friends,  We’re getting closer to our Kelsey 150th church anniversary celebration. We’ve been planning for a year now. It’s exciting (and nerve wracking for some) to think the time is […]

  • Comedy Night!

    We’re excited to announce a comedy night coming soon . Our church has partnered with a few other United Methodist churches to bring Dorie McLemore to town. Dorie is a […]

  • We’re counting on her

    Friends,  Three years ago, Johnny gave us his two-year notice as church treasurer. In his eight years as treasurer, he’s done a fabulous job for our church. Don’t forget to […]

  • We love your family!

    Our Kelsey 150 team had their monthly meeting last night. They were a bit nervous. There’s been a lot of conversation and planning. It all looks good on paper, but […]

  • BELLS Missional Habits

    This year’s Summer Sermon Series is titled The Art of Friendship. We’ll rediscover important aspects of being good friends. And we won’t forget what it means to be a friend […]