3 Ways You Can Grow Your Church

If you’re reading this, chances are your faith is important to you.  Maybe you’ve had a faith in Christ since you were very young.  You might be someone who came to faith in Christ later in life.  Praise God that our faith is preached and still reaches so many people!  And as someone who has learned the power a faith in Jesus can have, you’re probably–hopefully–exciting to think about others knowing Christ as you do.

As United Methodist Christians that is our priority.  We can’t help it.

While people come to know Christ at different times and in different ways, the church is quite often the place people first experience the presence of God.  So, while getting to people to church is not all we do, we have learned the importance of ensuring our church is a place where people can connect to God and each other.  You might think church growth is something that only pastors and church leaders are concerned with.  Well, it should be important for us all.
That’s why we’ve compiled 3 ways you can be a part of growing our church, bringing people to a faith in Christ.  Of course, this is not an exhaustive list.  But we’re sure that if you start with these 3 actions, you’ll see how they can benefit our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Here’s where you begin:

      1. Be Proud. We are ordinary people that happen to trust in the extraordinary power of God. That power transforms lives! Our job is to discover how we can join God in being a part of that transformation. So, when you see that we are moving in faithfulness, be proud to call Kelsey your church. Be proud that people just like you are putting their faith into action.  Be proud of the work that you are a part of.
      2. Be Aware. Of course, you can’t be proud of what is happening if you don’t know what’s happening. Pay attention to what is celebrated during our worship services. Listen to what our leaders are saying. Use our newsletter, weekly bulletins and social media posts to keep up to date with our various ministry groups.  Take opportunities to visit with people you know that are involved with what’s happening at church.  Get their observations and insights.
      3. Be a Voice. Let others know what we’re doing. You never know when someone you know might want to join in what’s happening. Talk about why we do ministry. For example, post write a Facebook post about something you learned at or about church. Or ask a coworker to help at an upcoming event. A big part of our ministry together is sharing with others the blessing we have of doing God’s work.

See?  There’s no committee; no sign up forms; nothing difficult to do.  You’ll be going a long way to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ if you do these 3 things.

Now it’s your turn.  What easy ways have you found to help build the church?

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Sing Christmas!

Join us as we sing those Christmas classics you know and love.

Our choir is preparing to host you and your family for a night of beautiful Christmas music. Everyone is invited, and everything is free. Please stay for a cookie and snack reception afterwards.

A meaningful way to prepare to celebrate Christmas is through song. We hope you will attend this year’s cantata.  The event begins this Sunday, December 11, at 6:30pm. See you there!

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Learning to pray

Recently, our church committed to making prayer an important part of our life together.  For some, that commitment meant making prayer a total “priority” each day.  For others, it meant taking the first step of beginning to pray during our worship services or when faced with a difficult situation.  Put all that together and we are confident God is working in the lives of many people in our church–and we’re thankful.

Learning to pray can be tough.  What do I pray for?  How long should I pray?  What kinds of words do I use?

These are all legitimate questions to have.  Unfortunately, for many people they become roadblocks that prevent them from actually praying.  So, we’ve compiled a short listing of resources you can use to help learn how to pray.  We hope you will find something that is useful for you.

If you have another resource that is helpful, leave a comment and share it with us.




Oh, and just for funsies, we’ll include this last video, Living on a Prayer.

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Just Keep Praying | Sermon Preview

Prayer is one of those things we Christians talk a lot about and seem to know about, but, often, struggle the most with.  Ever feel like you only pray when you need something?  How many times have you felt bad because you thought God had more important prayers requests to answer?  We’ve all been there!

This week in our worship service, our praying takes center stage as we consider what kind of attitude Jesus wanted us to have when we pray.

Then Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always and not to lose heart. He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor had respect for people. In that city there was a widow who kept coming to him and saying, ‘Grant me justice against my opponent.’ For a while he refused; but later he said to himself, ‘Though I have no fear of God and no respect for anyone, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will grant her justice, so that she may not wear me out by continually coming.’” And the Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says. And will not God grant justice to his chosen ones who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long in helping them? I tell you, he will quickly grant justice to them. And yet, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

Luke 18

What kind of attitude are we to have? Here’s a hint: Just keep praying. Just keep praying.

And a modern take on the Lord’s Prayer.

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Committed to Christ Sermon Series

Is prayer a gift from God? What about the Bible? As we grow in our Christian faith we realize God has blessed us tremendously.

I’ll affirm with many of you that prayer and scripture are both joyous blessings from God. Let me add that our ability to worship, serve, give and be a witness to Christ are just as much gifts from God as any other you could name. And they are meaningful gifts at that! Because they are all part of what God has entrusted to us, we are preparing to take those gifts seriously. Better said, we are ready to invite each of you to consider how you can ensure the gifts of prayer, the Bible, worship, witness, giving and Christian service are meaningful aspects of your walk with God.

Beginning this month, we are hosting a 6-week sermon series entitled Committed to Christ. Each week we’ll celebrate 1 of the 6 gifts mentioned. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to decide how much you have already made each gift a priority in your walk with Christ, and then be challenged to take a step up.

So, for example, someone might know prayer is important, but after thinking about her daily life might realize she only prays before she eats lunch or dinner. Now, no one is going to criticize her for only praying at those times. We are, though, going to challenge her to, let’s say, still pray before she eats lunch or dinner and decide to say a prayer when she wakes up and turns in for the night. See how easy that was? Another example, someone knows worship should be a priority, but he has little by little filled his schedule with other things on Sunday morning and really only attends worship once a month. Again, we’re not going to chastise him for that, but we are going to challenge him to take a step up and decide how he can commit to attend worship twice a month or more.
What it comes down to is this: The Holy Spirit wants to deepen our faith in Christ. That doesn’t always happen by leaps and bounds. Rather, we realize it is often the small changes we allow Christ to make in our hearts that help us move closer to him. There’s a fancy church word for that–sanctification. All that really means is God helping us grow in the grace and knowledge of God. Isn’t that what we all want to do?
I hope you’ll do your best to be a part of this exciting series. I’ve already begun to pray for you that this would be a time God shows you important things about your faith and leads you to greater levels of faith! And I hope you will begin to pray for our church as we walk through this series together. See you Sunday.

Blessed Beyond Belief,

John Fletcher

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