Bishop Elections 2016

Next week, The United Methodist Church will be electing new bishops.  Bishops are elected by our jurisdictional conferences.  There are 5 jurisdictions in the U.S. and 7 central conferences (international conferences).  We are a part of the South Central Jurisdiction.

Please be in prayer for those responsible for electing our bishops.

You can keep with the elections online by following this link.  There is even a text feature.  Text ELECTIONS to 615-933-2737 to receive elections messages.

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Summer Sermon Series

Our July Summer Sermon Series is entitled “Together.”


Each Sunday we’ll look at how friends and families lived out their faith together and what it took for them to do.  Pastor John, Javi Ornelas and Javier Rodriguez will be preaching the series together—there might even be a tag team sermon!  Here’s the line up for each Sunday:

Together Takes Trust (Jesus & his disciples/apostles)

Together Takes Discipline (Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego)

Together Takes Loyalty (Ruth & Naomi)

Together Takes Endurance (Esther & King Xerxes)

Together Takes Sharing (Elijah & Elisha)

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Surf Shack 2016!

VBS is almost here!

June 26-28

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At Surf Shack, your students will discover an interactive, energizing, Bible-based program that will give them an opportunity to ride the waves with God. During Vacation Bible School at Surf Shack:Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing Love, your students will become Surfers and explore how to serve God and experience God’s amazing presence in their lives.

After a high-energy Opening Assembly at the Surf Shack, the Surfers make their way to the Story Deck to discover amazing Bible lessons. Interactive Bible lessons are highlighted by Wave Words to help them recognize where God is inviting them to participate in God’s ongoing creation, and your Surfers will discover Pop-Up Verses (Bible memory verses) that will remain with them in their faith long after VBS.

The students will expand on what they’ve discovered by participating in a variety of activities: making their own art projects at the Craft Hut, singing new music at Tidal Tunes, participating in recreational activities at the Recreation Station, exploring science activities at Discovery Dunes, and enjoying tasty Shack Snacks.

We can’t wait to see you at the Surf Shack!

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A Major Kelsey Announcement


In an effort to promote congregational uniformity and the pursuit of Christian perfection, a special no-tithers-allowed meeting was held last night and Kelsey Memorial has decided to ban the phrase, “Amen,” from all its activities.  We understand the initial confusion this may cause.  The level of commitment we have to make this a smooth transition, however, will astound you–it would normally merit a strong, “A**N!”

One representative of the meeting said the group was hopeful the move will help our church establish a more meaningful 59-minute worship experience.  Said one person, “I never really understood the word anyway. So I’m looking forward to beating the Baptists to lunch again.”

no speak

Things To Notice

It may be that our Sunday morning prayer time never ends.  How will we know when Henry, John or Miguel are finished praying?  So, peeking while you pray will now be mandatory.

Also, you’ll want to make sure to hold hands at Bible Study or Sunday School.  When you’re done praying, the once awkward, uncomfortable Christian hand-squeeze will now become an essential practice to getting us out on time.

We are working with Cokesbury to provide the Bibles we will need to move forward with our decision, but things are moving slow.  You can expect our new, no A**N Bibles to be ordered as soon as possible.  They make Bibles for everything.  So, we’re not worried about this setback.

While unintended, but seen as a wonderful turn of events, Pastor John will no longer be allowed to say, “Now that’s an A**Ner!”

The Way Forward

Even though 87.316% of our congregation never said the word anyway, the A**N ban comes as a shock to many of our members.  Some of the more traditional church folk have already adapted.  They’ve decided to follow a good sermon point or praise report with a quick, “Hey, Man!”  Great thinking.

We hope you can appreciate the thoughtfulness of our decision, and we look forward to working with you all to make our church a A**N free Zone.

++DISCLAIMER: This post was created on and for  APRIL 1st.++

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Faith is More Than Sunday

You need to connect with other Christians! God has designed us to get the most out of life by connecting with each other. Join us Wednesday evenings @ 6pm for small groups. You’ll have a chance to connect with God and with other people who want God’s best for you.

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