Confirmation 2023

Welcome to confirmation. We’re glad to be sharing this exciting time with you!

Now, what is confirmation? What happens during confirmation? Here’s a simple way to think about it: this is a time for you to think about your faith in God. You’ll get to discover a lot about the church and our faith, and, maybe, some things about yourself.

Don’t worry. You don’t fail confirmation. You decide if you want to be confirmed, which means you want to “confirm” the faith your family and church has given to you. Get it–CONFIRMation.

If you want more information about confirmation, visit the website for The United Methodist Church.

This year for confirmation, we’ll meet each week to talk about what you’ve learned on your own. There’ll be videos to watch and other things to Google. You can always ask questions about what we’re talking about. In fact, write down any questions you have so we can talk about them together. Somebody else is probably wondering the same things you are.

Okay, here’s what you’ll need for now to participate in confirmation:

  • A Bible. Use an actual Bible, not just an app. There are a lot of different Bible translations (that’s something you’ll learn about later). Find one you’re comfortable reading.
  • You’ll need a device to do your own investigating during the week: A smart phone, laptop or tablet.
  • A notebook. Use a new notebook. You’ll use this for writing questions and ideas you have along the way. You can even draw, write poetry or music in them.
  • A confirmation mentor. This is someone from Kelsey you’ve asked to be your mentor. Choose someone that is not related to you. Think of someone who makes you think of Jesus.

Ready? Click here to get started with the lessons!