FAQ-Worship 2017-12-07T14:35:03-07:00

What time does your service begin?
Our regular worship service begins at 11am. Every so often a group may play music before our service begins (about 15 minutes prior). Also, we have Sunday & Wednesday services that begin at 6pm.

What do I wear to church?
Please come comfortable. If you can’t imagine going to church without a suit and tie, for example, then please do so. If you are blue jeans kind of person, wear those. You’ll find there’s a mix of fashion at our church. Just, please, wear something.

Can my children stay in church during the service?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Your children are a blessing to us! We think it’s important that they participate in the church’s worship with everyone else. If, though, there’s a Sunday your child may need a quick trip to the nursery, please make use of it. Heck, we could all use a quick trip to the nursery 😉

Can my family receive Holy Communion if we are not members?Yes, we believe Holy Communion should be available to all people. If you are with us on a Communion Sunday (Usually, the first Sunday of each month), you are invited to participate–that includes children.

Do you record the weekly services?
Currently, we only record our weekly messages. You can find them on here on our website and on our Facebook page.