Here’s a Christmas idea

Here’s an idea for our church to try.

It combines 2 other ideas and gives us a way to share the message of Jesus in a simple, meaningful and maybe even a fun way.

Let’s look at the 2 ideas first.

Have you seen this meme floating around social media?

Isn’t that great?

With all the decorations, music and festivities, it’s pretty obvious the world tends to overlook that Christmas is about the light of the world coming into the darkness to bring peace and salvation.

Even the church can get overly excited about the fun of the season and get around to remembering Jesus.

That’s why reading Luke in December would be a great plan for you and your family.

Here’s the second idea. It’s from our friends at Crockett Elementary School. They share a bedtime story every day online read by teachers and staff. Look at the video below for an example–these 2 are connected to Kelsey!

That is a great way to encourage students to read.

So, here’s our idea. What if people from our church read the book of Luke together? Each night we could share a chapter online.

Everyone could participate.

Individuals, families, Sunday school classes and ministry groups could easily get involved. We could visit our shut ins and have them be a part of it, too.

All we’d be doing is reading a chapter of the Bible.

We have the equipment and the capability. Are you willing to join in the fun?

What a way we could share the message of Jesus this Christmas!

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