Summer Sermon Series

We’re excited about this year’s Summer Sermon Series.

We hear a lot about the importance of reading and studying the Bible. Of course, the Bible is a gift from God that inspires and leads us.

But let’s be real. Some of the stories in the Bible are pretty strange. Stories about angels, animals and dysfunctional families make for some….”interesting” reading. Even so, these stories are just as much part of our faith tradition as is a passage like John 3:16.

That’s why Sundays in July we’re focusing on some of the strange stories from the Bible–that’s our series title.

We hope you’ll be able to see that even in the strange stories there is truth, guidance and inspiration.

So, make plans to join us on Sunday mornings, and use the series as a way to invite someone you know to church.

Finally, sign up to participate in our monthly Bible reading plan. We have a Bible reading plan for every day of July. You can join our entire church in reading and thinking about the same Bible passages.

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