150 Memorial Service

Every year, we give thanks to God for the people we call saints that have inspired our faith and encouraged our lives. Typically, we do this on the first Sunday of November. We call it All Saints Sunday.

This year, in line with our week of celebration, we are hosting this special worship gathering on All Saints Day, Tuesday, November 1 at 7pm. The service is in the sanctuary.

At this service, first and foremost, we thank God for the life given to us all. Then we thank God for the people who are special to us that have passed away. First, we’ll honor those who have died this past year. Afterwards, you can name others who have passed away in other years.

Talking about death and our loss can be difficult. Our worship, however, is a reminder of the victory Christ has over death. And so, we can celebrate even in the face of pain and loss because God is good.