A Thanksgiving Prayer

Almighty God,

We are thankful for the blessing of this day.

Thank you for all the ways you have provided for our every need. In Christ, we have more than we could ever imagine possible. We are blessed by the compassion of Jesus, and we are saved by his eternal love for us.

Help us, we pray, to live faithfully for the glory of our Lord. Help us to see the needs of others with the same eyes of mercy Jesus uses to care for us. May it be that our lives are a blessing to the world as we share the love of God.

Bless our time together as family and friends on this Thanksgiving. Bless our meal and our fellowship with peace, joy and laughter.

Oh God, you are the maker and creator of all things, and our lives are truly lived as we live for you.

With thankful hearts we pray all these things. Amen.