Christmas Generosity

For years, our dear sister in Christ, Diana, would bring tamales every December to our food pantry. More than 100 people come each month from our community. Diana made sure there was always enough for everyone, and everyone loved them!

It was a way to spread a little Christmas cheer and brighten everyone’s day.

You should know that our food pantry is almost family-like.

We didn’t know last year would be Diana’s last Christmas with us. When we told everyone at the food pantry about Diana’s passing, they were saddened.

As time went on, someone else from the church heard about what she did and wanted to continue her tamale tradition. That person purchased enough tamales for everyone at the food pantry to enjoy this year.

And enjoy them they did!

So, Diana’s generosity continues.

But wait, there’s a little more to this year’s story.

When the tamale maker found out what they were for, they offered to also bring free breakfast tacos during an upcoming food pantry.

Generosity begets generosity.