He won’t see it coming

Over the last few weeks, Bishop Schnase has put a few videos online. It’s good to hear from our bishop.

Here’s the latest video he published on our conference website. It’s a part of a new series called Monday Morning Reflections.

Did you know Bishop Schnase is the residing bishop of our conference (Rio Texas) and the New Mexico Annual Conference? That has to be a lot of work and care!

What if we could do something. Bishops and superintendents joke about only getting the bad calls. That people only communicate with them when they want to complain about something.

What if a bunch of us from Kelsey did something else? What if we sent a quick note of encouragement or a written prayer to our bishop? Scripture talks about us remembering our church leaders (Hebrews 13:7; Philippians 2:29). A simple word just might be a blessing–and another way to make Kelsey known as a loving church!

Here’s the address:
Rio Texas Annual Conference
16400 Huebner Road
San Antonio, Texas 78248