Road to DeMASKus

It’s still seems so strange. 

Our church canceled in-person worship for an extended time. Of course, it was the best thing for us to do. 

Later, we opened the sanctuary again. Remember the blue tape that sectioned off the pews? For many weeks, there were no more than twenty of us in the sanctuary.  

Of course, we sat apart from one another. We didn’t shake hands or give hugs. Holy kisses were not allowed. But we did learn the Holy Twist. 

After two years, we’ve got news to share with you.

We are officially changing our mask protocol at Kelsey. Before, we asked everyone to wear a mask. Now, it’s optional. Of course, if you are not comfortable without one, please continue to wear it. This is not meant to pressure anyone to change how they care for themselves.

We are adapting to our community’s progress in fighting the spread of the virus. And we’ve come a long way! We’ll say more about this at worship this weekend. In the meantime, help us let everyone else know.

Have a great rest of the week. Can’t wait to see you smile this Sunday!