Ministry updates, March 2022


  • We began hosting in-person Conversations in Prayer Sunday evenings in Lent. There have been between 15-35 people each week.
  • A prayer service is scheduled for Wednesday, March 23 at 7pm to celebrate the faith of Nazaria Solis. Her funeral is scheduled for Thursday, March 24 at 11am. We are providing food for the family reception afterwards (Thursday).
  • A memorial service is scheduled for Friday, April 9 at 11am for Vicky Perez.
  • Pam Martinez has planned a church-wide picnic. The picnic is scheduled for Saturday, April 9 at 11am. We are meeting at Salinas Park. Pam is finalizing all the arrangements.
  • So far, we have eight youth planning to attend camp in Sacramento July 18-22. There are two others who are still deciding. There is still time for other youth to sign up to attend. Most likely, we’ll send four adults with them.
  • We are hosting Maundy Thursday and Good Friday worship services, April 14 and 15, respectively. Each service begins at 7pm. Also, we will have a sunrise worship gathering on Easter morning. There are enough children who have been in worship on various Sundays that it’s good to plan our usual egg hunt after worship.
  • The Kelsey150 is scheduled to meet Thursday, March 31. The group is planning a week-long celebration. We are planning to worship at Old Bayview Cemetery, where Reverend Alejo Hernández is buried, on Sunday October 30, 2022. An open house will immediately follow. The group will also finalize plans for a church-wide picnic, memorial service and church-wide service project. Our celebration will conclude with worship and homecoming on Sunday, November 6, 2022. We’ll begin to update the event’s website more regularly ( The next phase of the group’s work includes contacting former pastors and other former members. We hope to also begin the process of audit our church’s membership roles.
  • Every third Sunday of the month, shelf-stable bags are available for members and friends to distribute. These are bags with non-perishable food and other items. This effort is an offshoot of our monthly food pantry. Contact Henry Santana for more information about how to contribute and participate.
  • Mario Olivarez informed me the United Methodist Men would, most likely, postpone their annual barbecue again. In its place, they would like to consider a luncheon to welcome more of our membership back to worship.


Two recent events caught the attention of a lot of people. On March 1, the Transitional Leadership Council announced the official formation of a new Methodist denomination. The Global Methodist Church will launch on May 1, 2022. The second event came on March 7th. The United Methodist Women changed their name to United Woman in Faith. Both events remind us of what may lie ahead for The United Methodist Church and our local congregation.

For now, it is important for us, as church leaders, to listen. You may have solidified your opinions surrounding the issues of a denominational split. Some in our congregation may have as well. Let’s not assume, however, everyone has. Also, realize some people may make decisions that go against personal beliefs. Their choices may relate more to family connection or tradition. All that to say, we will need to listen to our congregation in this new season. Not listen for what we want them to say, but what it is they are most anxious and hopeful about.

Any decision about joining a new denomination belongs to the congregation. That is a matter that requires a vote. It is not the council’s decision. It is not the pastor’s decision. There will be formal discussion sessions the council will host for our church. For now, listen.

I’m hopeful our council will help encourage and support our church’s spiritual growth. I want a lot of people to attend our picnic and luncheons. But I want more of us in Bible study, prayer and worship together. That’s not anything I can do on my own (and it’s not too much to ask). I need your prayerful support. And remember to be a PAL. Pray for our church, our ministry and our spiritual growth. Ask our congregation their hopes and dreams. Ask God where Kelsey should be. Listen for God’s voice and direction.

Blessed Beyond Belief,