The know we care now!

Our church had the pleasure of working with Kingsville FUMC to assist a family through the Careportal program. This is the beauty of the program; churches working together to meet the needs of requests made through the Careportal

This particular request involved a family of seven children ages 1 to 12 years old. They were removed from their home and placed with their grandparents. Kingsville FUMC reached out to our church to inquire if we could assist. The family was in need of two booster seats for a set of twins and one car seat for a baby. They also needed clothing and uniforms for the children to go to school. We responded and the case worker provided the contact information for the family.
After communicating with the caseworker, the temporary caregiver and Kingsville FUMC we sorted out what was needed to help this family. Our church purchased a car seat, pampers and baby wipes. Kingsville FUMC purchased booster seats and clothing for each of the seven children. 

We met with the grandmother and eldest child when we delivered the car seat and baby supplies to their home. We were unable to find uniforms at this time but told the family we could help with uniforms when the school year started again. They were very grateful. 

I told the family we would keep them in prayer and invited them to attend our church. I received a text that evening: It was nice meeting you and we appreciate everything you have done for us and we would love to take them out there to visit with y’all and again thank you so much.

Thank you God that through contributions to the Careportal fund from our members, Kelsey is able to assist children and families in need.

Submitted by Lisa Castaneda

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