We love your family!

Our Kelsey 150 team had their monthly meeting last night. They were a bit nervous. There’s been a lot of conversation and planning. It all looks good on paper, but making it all happen is where the nervousness comes in.

I’m confident, though, our church is ready to celebrate. So, you’ll help us as much as you’re able to glorify God!

Check out our webpage for information about the week’s event. In the mean time, here’s what we need everyone to do.

One of the things we want to thank God for is you and your family. As a way to do that, we want every family to create family storyboard. Show us how Kelsey has been a part of your family. Were you baptized or married here? Let’s see pictures? Do you have particular memories of certain events? Write why they’re meaningful to you. Get as creative as you want

We’ll ask everyone to display their family’s projects at our open house event on October 30th. It’d be a blessing to have something from every family.

Until then, keep praying that we’re able to faithfully glorify God and multiply our ministry.