We’re counting on her


Three years ago, Johnny gave us his two-year notice as church treasurer. In his eight years as treasurer, he’s done a fabulous job for our church. Don’t forget to tell him.

We encourage church leaders to always be looking for their replacement. That’s a way to see the gifts others have. It also allows us to encourage more people in ministry. 

That said, our church council has voted to elect a new treasurer. As soon as the bank gets our paperwork, our treasurer is Christa!  We’re happy she is able and willing to serve in this way. Make sure you share our appreciation the next time you see her.

We also want to thank Lauren. She has been our Finance Secretary for a number of years. It’s time for her to get a break. She will see us through the remainder of this year and help our new secretary get started. We’d appreciate it if you would remind her of the blessing she’s been. 

By the way, our church records are available for members to see. We are transparent in all we do. Just ask our treasurer for a report.