A BIG reminder


We’re getting closer to our Kelsey 150th church anniversary celebration. We’ve been planning for a year now. It’s exciting (and nerve wracking for some) to think the time is almost here.

There’s something we really want from you. Of course, we’d love for you to take part in all our activities. Check the schedule of events on our website. 

But we also think it’ll be great for you to prepare a family story board. How has Kelsey been a part of your life? Were you baptized here? Married here? Did you grow up at Kelsey or are you somewhat new? Find a way to tell your family’s story. Get creative. Share pictures. Make a poster board or photo album. 

We want to make sure we celebrate all the ways God has used our church to bless us all. 

Also, don’t forget we’re collecting underwear and socks all throughout October. We’ll deliver these to Communities in School who will make sure they go to students who need them. It surprised some people just how much a need this is. It’s another way we’re thanking God for our ministry–another work of mercy.

P.S. Would you help us make sure everyone knows about our Kelsey 150 webpage?