We’re booked

Most people don’t know, but we have a weekly program for our Kelsey Kids. Each Sunday, there’s an activity sheet designed around the readings of the week. Plus, there are online games Kelsey Kids can play using the code on each week’s sheet.

Now, if you didn’t know about that, we’re sure you also didn’t know about this next idea.

We have a Kelsey Kids book shelf in the narthex–it just went out this week (week of January 16). There are several faith-related books for kids to read. And we’ll be adding more later. 

It’s a simple way to encourage Kelsey Kids to connect with the stories of the Bible and Jesus. Any of our kids are welcome to take a book or two and read them on Sunday morning. They can return them as they leave our worship gathering. 

We may even figure out how to do some kind of reading program.

In the mean time, would you help us encourage our Kelsey Kids? Let them know we’ve got a little something for them at church because we love them and want them to know Jesus loves them, too.