Take pictures!

It’s easy to let moments slip by without much thought.

However, at Kelsey, every moment is important. Whether it’s a Sunday gathering, a community outreach program, a youth group meeting, or a church picnic, these activities add so much to the life of our congregation.

One simple way to cherish these moments is by taking pictures.


Taking photos at church events serves multiple purposes. First, it preserves our history. Every selfie or group photo is a piece of our church’s story. Think of it as a visual diary that future generations can look back on. When we see pictures from past events, we’re reminded of the growth and journey of our congregation. These images become treasured archives that reflect the dedication, love, and faith of our church family.

Also, photographs help us celebrate and reflect on our shared experiences. They capture the joy, the laughter, the hard work and sometimes the tears, of our journey together. By looking back at these images, we can appreciate how far we’ve come and the blessings we’ve received along the way. They serve as a reminder of God’s presence in our lives and within our community.

Taking pictures also encourages engagement and connection. When members see their photos on the church’s website or social media, they feel more connected to the church. It fosters a sense of belonging and pride. Sharing these moments can also inspire others to participate and get involved in future events, knowing that their contributions and presence are valued.

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Let’s make it a habit to bring our cameras or smartphones to church events. Capture the smiles, the fellowship, and the spirit of our gatherings. Help us build a visual legacy that we and future generations can look back on with gratitude and joy. Remember, each click of the camera is a reminder that we are Kelsey!