Learning to pray

Recently, our church committed to making prayer an important part of our life together.  For some, that commitment meant making prayer a total “priority” each day.  For others, it meant taking the first step of beginning to pray during our worship services or when faced with a difficult situation.  Put all that together and we are confident God is working in the lives of many people in our church–and we’re thankful.

Learning to pray can be tough.  What do I pray for?  How long should I pray?  What kinds of words do I use?

These are all legitimate questions to have.  Unfortunately, for many people they become roadblocks that prevent them from actually praying.  So, we’ve compiled a short listing of resources you can use to help learn how to pray.  We hope you will find something that is useful for you.

If you have another resource that is helpful, leave a comment and share it with us.




Oh, and just for funsies, we’ll include this last video, Living on a Prayer.