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  • Pastor’s Report for October 2023

    MINISTRY UPDATES AND INFORMATION Pastor’s Report for October 2023 NURUTURE, OUTREACH AND WITNESS MINISTRY INFORMATION I have been planning and preparing for the Advent and Christmas seasons. I’m finalizing sermons […]

  • deja brew?

    I don’t understand some people. No matter how hot it is outside, a lot of you still love a good cup of hot coffee. Now, I don’t like coffee, but […]

  • March 2023 Worship Guide

    Our monthly worship guide is now available online. You can view and/or download at any time. Each month’s guide has the music for every Sunday in the month. We also […]

  • We’re booked

    Most people don’t know, but we have a weekly program for our Kelsey Kids. Each Sunday, there’s an activity sheet designed around the readings of the week. Plus, there are […]

  • We did it!

    We did it! Just over a month ago, we paid our 2022 apportionments in full. That comes out to over $20,000–no small amount! Learn how that money supports world-wide ministry here. […]