Confirmation Week Two

Welcome back!

It’s Week Two of confirmation. Last week we started with a great (and important) conversation about the Trinity. Have you noticed anything else that might help explain what we mean by that?

Thanks for taking time to review this week’s material. This week, we’re looking at two things we hear about all the time in church: Worship and the Bible. Do you have a Bible of your own? Here’s an assignment for you: Figure out what version it is. Hint: It’s pretty easy to find.

This week’s reflection work

Like last week, take time to watch the videos below. Spend 3 minutes after each video writing in your journal. Write about what intrigued you, what confused you or what you think was missing. Oh, maybe you could come up with an idea for a video of your own!

The videos

What is worship?

What is the Bible?

One question

Make sure you write in your journal. It might seem like work right now. Later on, though, you’ll be glad you took the time to do it.

Here’s one question to make sure you answer in your journal this week. Okay, it’s a 2-part question. What’s easier to do, read the Bible or worship? Why do you think so?

The main thing

“Keep the main thing the main thing.” Have you ever heard someone say that? It means to make sure to keep what is the most important thing in your life the most important thing in your life. You have to decide to do that. Don’t just say it’s important. Make it important. Keep it important. For Christians, worship is our main thing.

Are other things important? Things like taking care of each other? Being there to help others in need? Praying for other people? Of course! We learn how to do all those things better as we learn more about worship.

Now, does worship only happen on Sundays? At church? With music? With other people? Should we only read the Bible on Sundays at church? That’s part of what you’ll discover about worship and reading the Bible. They are responses we make to God that can and should happen every day.

Last thing(s)

This is bonus material. If you learn about this, you’ll know something a lot of adults at church don’t realize. It’s called the Public Reading of Scripture. Check out this video about it. As you watch, think about the difference between the Public Reading of Scripture and reading the Bible by yourself.

The Public Reading of Scripture

It’s a good idea to learn the books of the Bible. Choose a song from the list below to help memorize them. Some of the songs are really cheesy–but kind of funny. And even if they’re for little kids, they can help us, too.

Okay, Bible scholars, let’s finish with a word of prayer:

Almighty God, continue to reveal your power and might to our hearts. Teach us to know you more as we learn to worship you with all our hearts and to read the Bible you have given us. Help us to follow Jesus, by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you Sunday!

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