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  • We love your family!

    Our Kelsey 150 team had their monthly meeting last night. They were a bit nervous. There’s been a lot of conversation and planning. It all looks good on paper, but […]

  • BELLS Missional Habits

    This year’s Summer Sermon Series is titled The Art of Friendship. We’ll rediscover important aspects of being good friends. And we won’t forget what it means to be a friend […]

  • The know we care now!

    Our church had the pleasure of working with Kingsville FUMC to assist a family through the Careportal program. This is the beauty of the program; churches working together to meet the […]

  • Seekers return!

    Many of you know Robert. He is one of our Sunday School teachers at Kelsey.  When the pandemic first hit, all our congregational activities went online. That didn’t stop Robert. […]

  • The Imprint of Forgiveness

    BIBLICAL REFLECTION John 20:19-31 Summarize the passage by asking Who? What? When? Where? Why? PERSONAL REFLECTION How does forgiveness connect you to God? Why is forgiveness important for the church? […]

  • Mother’s Day Luncheon

    Celebrate Mother’s Day with a special luncheon! The United Methodist Men of Kelsey are hosting a Mother’s Day Luncheon, Sunday, May 8, 2022. Everyone is invited to join us. Donations […]